Mattie May — 3 Months & 4 Months

Time sure is flying with two kids!  While some times are trying, it really has been a lot of fun. Mattie has made things semi easy.  She is pretty laid back.  Katelin wasn’t this laid back and demanded more attention but Mattie is pretty easy peasy.  We are in a good place right now, KK is finally listening to us and following instruction and Mattie isn’t mobile yet.  We can actually go places!  I know our time is limited though, Mattie will eventually be mobile and things will be hard again for a few years.

We had Mattie’s 4 month check up last week.  She is a growing girl!  She weighed in at 15lbs 4oz and had grown 3 inches since her 2 month check up.  Her hair is starting to thin out, which I suspect it will stay this way till she starts solids.  I’m excited to see what color it comes back with!  She definitely has a tint (or more) of red so it should be interesting.  She is getting very very close to rolling from her back to stomach, I give it one more week, maybe 2.  And right now she loves sitting up in the bumbo, you can see so much better this way!

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Mattie May — 2 months

Parts of me want to give up this blog mostly because I don’t have the time to post anymore.  But I really need to continue it thought Mattie’s first year.  It is pretty much an extension onto her baby book, just like Katelin’s!  So there may only be these monthly updates but at least it is something.

Mattie is now 10 weeks old and I will be returning to work tomorrow. I am excited to get back, also nervous.  I’m mostly nervous about being able to raise 2 kids and keep a house and some sort of personal life.  I have actually been able to keep up with cleaning, groceries and laundry while being at home.  That will all stop tomorrow.  I am going to try a few new tricks.  Such as meal planning and subscription services for shopping online.

Anyway, onto Mattie…she is growing!  She weighed in at 11lb 15oz at her 2 month appt.  She is smiling a lot now also!  Her sleeping is pretty much awesome and the past few nights she has slept from 9pm till 530am.  Which is almost how much I sleep!  We have stopped breastfeeding/pumping all together and just doing formula. I really wish I could say I had a better experience with that but in honesty it sucked.  Apparently my body hated trying to supply food for someone else.  Oh well, can’t say I’m that sad I packed my pump away!

And now the photos!

20150412_101705 20150411_153140 20150409_133917 20150404_184927 20150404_184815 20150329_171447 20150404_094013

Mattie May – 1 month

Miss Mattie turned 1 month, a few weeks ago, and just like with Katelin I wanted to take photos of her each month.  I had planned on having a quilt done for Mattie but that didn’t happen.  I did get the quilt top done so I at least have a background to put her on.  Maybe by month 3 because it is not looking like by month 2!

It has been a very busy month.  At the start of March my Mom had major back surgery and Dustin went on his first long work trip.  I did survive!  Luckily a few weeks later Mom was able to go home.  While it wasn’t a good reason to have her in Lincoln, it was nice being so close to her and visiting every few days!

Mattie is a pretty good baby.  She does have a “witching hour” from about 7-10pm where she is just un happy.  She doesn’t scream but she isn’t happy with what is going on around her.  I have no idea what causes it but it is common with infants.  Hopefully she will grow out of it soon!  Otherwise she is a great sleeper during the night.  Her naps are pretty inconsistent during the day but also to be expected this young.  I’ll be returning to work in 3 weeks. While I am nervous I am also excited to continue my work and see my people.

20150303_145503 20150303_145515 20150303_150754 20150303_190036 20150319_113902 20150320_162338 20150321_14320620150324_090918-COLLAGE

The road to Mattie

I said in my previous post I would go back and recap my bump photos since I failed to post those as my pregnancy progressed.  Mattie’s pregnancy was different from Katelin’s.  First, I was more tired at the start, even had morning sickness.  I didn’t have that much with Katelin.  The middle of the pregnancy was ok but by the end I felt like a huge slug and really couldn’t do much.  It didn’t help being very pregnant in the middle of winter.  There wasn’t any walking or getting out of the house much besides work.  Thank goodness Dustin is a very hands on Dad, he was a huge help with Katelin.  I gained the same amount of weight that I did with KK but I also started higher than I did with KK.  I saw my pre-WW weight again on the scale (not for long) but that wasn’t a welcome sight.  Hopefully I can work on that sooner than later and not have plantar fasciitis issues when I want to run again.

Anyway, here are my bump photos, they are nicely labeled, thanks babycenter app!

bumpie_week_30_flag bumpie_week_31_flag bumpie_week_34_flag bumpie_week_35 bumpie_week_36_flag bumpie_week_37_flag bumpie_week_38_flag

I was 2 days short of a 39 week photo and should have taken one the day she was born as I had a good feeling the Dr. would keep me that day.  So glad I did not have a 41 week photo this time!

The pregnancy went well, obviously we have a healthy baby girl and things are going great.  But for the record, I really don’t like being pregnant.  I don’t like sharing my space or restrictions.  But the 20 months I was pregnant out of my lifetime for my two little girls was more than worth it!

Mattie May Schulte

That was a nice long blog break.  Sorry about that but I needed to “clean” some things from my life.  In September things got very busy with work and life.  At that point I got rid of a lot of fillers, so to speak, in my life.  I closed my Etsy store, I took off many shows on my DVR list, I erased games on my phone, and my blog went to the way side.  But anyway, I need to make a few posts about our new daughter!  As her due date approached I was feeling guilty that I had not documented her pregnancy like I did my first.  I intended to update the blog before she arrived but she showed up early!  Thus, I will start with her birth story and back fill next posts of bump pics, etc. So lets get to the good stuff!  As always, if you don’t want to hear about woman parts…stop reading now!

I went into my 38 week (really 37+5d) appointment knowing I would have a cervical check that day. I really wasn’t expecting much since Katelin was a week late!  To my surprise my Dr. checked me and I was a solid 3.5cm/almost 4cm dilated. SWEET!  She told us at the next weeks appointment I would be staying if I was 5 or 6cm and sent to L&D.  Dustin and I left that appointment in a bit of shock, well I did. I couldn’t believe I might have a baby before the 40 week mark and it was sinking in that KK was no longer going to be an only child. None the less I was still excited but nervous!

The following weekend we had a horrible snow storm which had me stressed ALL weekend about going into labor! The Dr. had told me since I was so dilated if I went into labor it would go fast and to get to the hospital ASAP. I was freaked out, luckily that did not happen! On Tuesday we dropped Katelin off at daycare knowing very well this could be her last sibling free day. We went to the 39 week (38+5d) appointment. The Dr. checked me and I was pretty much 6cm. I have no clue how my body can do that? Like how can I walk around that dilated and not go into labor? Anyway, we talked with the Dr. about induction and since another storm was brewing for the next day we decided to get things going. Dustin and I stopped in the cafeteria, just the same as 2.5 years ago, to get my “last” meal and call all our family to let them know the news.

I checked into L&D around 10:45am and by 11am they had me hooked up and pumping the Pitocin. I had to write down all these details because things were just moving so fast and I didn’t want to forget the details. Like I said before I was 6cm but only 60% effaced. Things were moving a little slow and at 12:30pm Dr. Mahoney came over to break my water, that is also when I got the epidural. I was still 6cm but 80% then. This carried on for awhile and finally the nurse flipped me to my side. Just like with Katelin, things really took off! To my surprise I was 8cm at 2:45pm and even a bigger surprise to be 10cm at 3:10pm! Then the pushing began. I’m pretty sure I was in denial. I wanted to get the baby out but I really didn’t want to go through the motions and pain. I pushed only for 20 minutes and little Mattie was born! Now, we thought the baby was going to be a girl but weren’t 100% sure so my first question was “what is it?!” and yes, another little girl. She came out perfect weighing 7lbs and 19.25″ long with a FULL head of hair. For now it’s brown but we will see if it turns red like her sister. Delivery went perfect, the nurses were awesome, my Dr. was awesome. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences at Bryan Hospital. Now we start our adventure as a family of 4. My blog surely has grown ever since I started it 8 years ago that first week I moved to DC! Life is amazing.

P1000957 P1000961 P1000970 P1000973

Additions – Part 2

The house additions, due to the kid addition, are done!  It was a long 3 weeks but it is finally done.  The new room for the new baby looks great.  It is a bit small but perfect for a child and grade school aged kid.  Our master bedroom is much smaller and now we have one closet.  It has really forced me to box up a lot of clothes. Which right now I seem to have many sets of clothes due to the seasons and being pregnant. It really is a bit annoying.  I currently have 3 1/2 totes of clothes in the basement with clothes I can’t wear now and won’t wear before Feb.  Sigh. Oh and in the middle of all of this we finally got our new gutters as well.  The house has had many updates!  Now I have one area of my life in order but now work will get messed up as we are switching offices this next week!  Anyway, so I don’t know how well I’ll be able to show before and after photos as it might get confusing but I will try!


Before — Looking South from future new room. The new wall is just is between the light that is one and the closest wood beam.


Before — looking North from patio doors


During — I was in Indy while this was going on. This is looking north standing in the patio doors. Notice the beams are gone. But there is a support beam which can’t leave. I will talk about that later.

During -- we have a wall! Looking North from patio doors.  We made a drop ceiling where the support beam was and adding lights. It looks nice!

During — we have a wall! Looking North from patio doors. We made a drop ceiling where the support beam was and adding lights. It looks nice!


During — new room, looking southwest-ish


During — standing in doorway of new room


During — new room standing in doorway, with one coat of paint “hint of mint”


During — Looking north from patio doors. Dustin hard at work!


During — Carpet! It was a bit darker than I would like but oh well.


AFTER! -- I took a small pano from next to the patio door.  I love how the bedroom is now, it's nice and cozy. It was almost too big before.

AFTER! — I took a small pano from next to the patio door. I love how the bedroom is now, it’s nice and cozy. It was almost too big before.

I don’t have an after of the new room because it is a work in progress.  Eventually I will start working on it more to change it into the baby room but for now it will sit empty for a bit!


A lot of changes have been happening in the house, some in progress and some to be completed later.  The BIGGEST addition news is that Katelin is going to be a big sister!  We are expecting baby #2 due in mid February!  This pregnancy has been a bit more rough.  I knew something was up before I even took the test, I immediately felt nauseated.  The whole first trimester was spent feeling like a slug, either I felt sick so I didn’t want to do anything or I felt exhausted and didn’t want to do anything.  I just turned 13 weeks this past week and am finally feeling like a person again!  I had my 2nd appointment yesterday which the little one gave me quite the scare.  The Dr could not find the heartbeat on the little Doppler thing they use.  Which by now, you should be able to hear it.  So I got another u/s and everything was fine!  It really had me worried, this child is stressing me out already!

20140807_132517 20140807_183545

It is a good thing I am getting motivation back because we have a lot of changes going on inside the house.  We have split our master bedroom into 2 rooms, to make room for the new munchkin. They should be done Tuesday.  But that also means painting a new room, trim and door.  Greatttttttttt.  We are also getting new carpet in the first floor of the house. While the house is in disarray Dustin and I have been sleeping in the bedroom in the basement.  We also have a makeshift closet in the spare storage room. It’s been interesting.  I will save more photos for my next post on the room project.